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Moriah Maney

Nice to meet you! I'm making the web more accessible at Webflow on the Designer Experience team. I'm the founder of healthsome, a health tracking app for people with chronic illnesses. I advocate for and speak on my experience as a woman in tech often, and I created pinkify.dev to showcase women and non-binary creators in tech. I enjoy photography, traveling, video games, PC building, mechanical keyboards, and nail art 💅🏻

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So You Want to Build a PC: Introduction

One of the most common comments I get (especially on Twitter) is "help! I want to build a PC but I have no idea where to start!" My original thought was to do one post documenting the build process, but I believe that more value will be had if I break the post into a series of posts. This way, I can go over more things in much more detail. So, that said, I will start to post individual articles under the title "So You Want to Build a PC" or SYWTBAPC for short. Let's get started!

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